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Drawing on the rich cultural and culinary heritage of this unique neighbourhood, engaging the sounds, smells and feel of the place, we have created the Kensington Market Street Food™ brand to bring delicious foods and culinary experiences to those consumers who are searching for powerful flavours and multi-ethnic tastes to experience in their everyday lives. 

We pay respect to the many ethnic groups who have, over time, been a part of the fabric of Kensington Market, as well as celebrate the current dynamic cultural mash-up that makes up the market today.

Above all else, we hope to introduce familiar favourites with a bold and dynamic flavour twist! Expect fresh, quality, natural ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, and prepared in Ontario!

We hope you will enjoy including Kensington Market Street Food™ into the meals you prepare for your family and friends. Warm memories are made of the meals we share, and we hope yours will be creative, unexpected, flavourful, and brave!